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    about us

    Cangzhou Yongkang Medical Devices Co.,Ltd is 20 kilometers west from Cangzhou city, Shuohuang railway and Cangzhou-Baoding expressway across the East and West , Langfang-Botou highway 、Beijing-Shanghai expressway through north and south , 10km east from  Beijing-Shanghai expressway, which has superior geography position and convenient transportation .
        Cangzhou yongkang medical supplies co., LTD., was established in 1999,which covers an area of 20,000 square meters and 10,000 square meters for building.The company is a joint-stock enterprise , which has a scientific research management team of medium and high intellectuals ,the sales and service network throughout the world.The main industrial structure is medical information 、 medical products production and sales.   "disposable human venous blood specimen container"、"disposable blood collection needle"、 " micro blood collection tube"、 " Pregnancy HCG "are our self-developed high-tech products.
        The company is characteristic with checking and testing instruments equipments as well as medical disposable products. In this field , we accepted the advanced technology and management method of the fellow trader in domestic and abroad for reference. Meanwhile, we have accumulated prolific experiences and also taken a favorable harvest . In 2004, our company had been verified for the quality system such as ISO9001 ,ISO13485 and CE. After several years of continuous efforts, our company is stepping towards the standard of technology-based.
         Under the strong support of the local government, the Party branch of Cangzhou Yongkang Medical Devices Co.,Ltd was founded in July,2009. The establishment of the Party branch marks a new stage for our party construction work on a new step, it also marks the company starts in the direction of normalization and standardization steps !
         The Yongkang people strive rigidly for perfection on the product quality, We try our best to keep pace with the times to make a generation of Yongkang  brilliant!   


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